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Nemesis NXT

If you haven’t seen this new “Anaconda” video. Get. On. That. Shit. Might just cure cancer..


What can we learn from galaxies far, far away?

Galaxy clusters like this are astoundingly big, beautiful, mysterious—and also very useful. For scientists, they’re giant laboratories. They help us understand the mysteries of astrophysics, including dark matter, dark energy, and the balance of heating and cooling in the universe’s most massive objects.

Thanks for the cool pictures, NASA ;).

Watch the full talk here »

The thing is, darkness has such a bad reputation. People always associate it with unpleasant things, but it’s simply another - albeit darker - form of luminosity. We need it quite as much as we need light. Without darkness everything would wither and die. There would be no sleep, no relaxation, no energy, no growth. Night gives us the strength to withstand the rigors of the day. Haven’t you ever wondered why we feel so refreshed and full of energy after a good night’s sleep?…It’s because of the darkness we’ve taken on board. A nap during the day is no good at all - you tend to feel more lethargic than ever, am I right? Darkness is pure energy. Your reserves become depleted during the day. You burn them up grow weary, and have to sleep some more. In the dark you accumulate fresh strength.
Professor Nightingale. (via hopeful-melancholy)

Favourite Moments from Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (4/?)

- From Episode 2: Some of the Things That Molecules Do


Alyssa Sorto

Lil Josué growning up too fast.

Realized how much I’ve neglected this place called tumblr. Used to be teeming with memories, still some lingering. I have so much to say nowadays, must get on this again. Time for an overhaul.

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